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The Problem.

Comprehensive planning is usually a slow and expensive process. That’s part of the reason that the Village of Goreville, located in the Shawnee Hills region of southern Illinois, hadn’t updated its plan in fifty years. By combining online tools with traditional public engagement strategies, my colleague Chris Francis and I were able to create a new comprehensive plan for the Village in less than a year.

The Solution.

Village Vision is a plan, but it’s also a website. Instead of sitting on the shelf like many comprehensive plans, the Village Vision site allows community leaders and members of the public to access maps, data and recommendations from their computers or smartphones. In graphics and text, it brings together a wealth of resources including:

  • Community survey results
  • Population and employment projections
  • Land use maps
  • Traffic counts
  • Bicycle and pedestrian level of service
  • Housing statistics
  • Shopping behavior
  • Economic development resources

More importantly, the site links these data sources directly to plan elements and recommendations, allowing visitors to see how the vision is grounded in community priorities and research. To learn more about the Village Vision plan and process, check out the project poster, download a two-page summary document or explore the online plan.

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