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The problem.

The Census Bureau and other federal agencies collect a wealth of information about communities across the United States. Unfortunately, much of this information—from population, to housing to labor statistics—is buried in complicated tables that are difficult to interpret. Making sense of all this information and using it to tell a story that can help to shape decisions is the work of the data analyst, and it is the task I took on in this class project.

The solution.

Washington County, Maryland is a county at a crossroads, both literally and metaphorically. Located at the intersection of I-70 and I-81, the county’s economy has historically depended on manufacturing and transportation. In recent decades, however, expansion of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area has placed Washington County within the reach of suburban commuters. Using data as its foundation, this report explores the relationship between the physical crossroads that defined Washington County’s past and the metaphorical crossroads—defined by commuting and migration trends—that promises to shape its future.

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