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The problem.

I’m the kind of artist who likes to play at the edge. So when I was asked to design a visual identity for an imaginary company, the edge is where I went. In bringing VitalSpark to life, I pushed the boundaries of what’s possible and what’s ethical. I created an image for a genetic engineering firm that encourages its customers to “play god,” and in the process, I raised questions about what it means to be a creator.

The solution.

In designing VitalSpark, I wanted to create something that bridged the gap between science fiction and everyday, something playful but with a dangerous edge. I wanted the look to be cold but inviting, appealing but just a little bit frightening.

For the logo, I chose the form of a double helix, the building block of life, as the base form. I intersected one of its unraveling strands with a simple starburst, evoking the “spark” in the company name. While the undulating lines of the helix invite the viewer in, the sharp points of the starburst remind her that this business of life is serious business. Playing god may be play, indeed, but it’s not without its risks.

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